Conservation for
the Next Generation!

Protect endangered plants in the wild from the many threats to them, of which habitat loss and climate change are central.

Earth is a living organism, conserve it for future generations!

We cannot live without plants.

They produce the oxygen, and hence the air we breathe and everything we eat.

Our Operation

Oya operates as an educational resource center, promoting the need to protect, preserve and conserve threatened plantae from around the world. We are one the many actors concerned with the life of plants, climate and environmental ecosystems and their changes. 

We partner with conservation organizations to support their research and assessment efforts; those cataloguing the most threatened species, particularly the vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered plants. 

We aim to collaborate with organizations such as the International Union for Conservation for Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and the Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).  

The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)

The GSPC Plan to Save the World's Plant Species grew out of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  Governments around the world embrace this plan with specific environmental and climate change policies. 

The GSPC highlights the importance of plants and the ecosystem services they provide for all life on earth, and aims to ensure their conservation. 

The vision of the GSPC is: 

"Without plants, there is no life. The  functioning of the planet, and our survival, depends on plants. The  Strategy seeks to halt the continuing loss of plant diversity." 

The mission of the GSPC is: 

"The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation is a catalyst for working together at all levels - local, national, regional and global - to understand, conserve and use sustainably the world's immense wealth of plant diversity whilst promoting awareness and building the necessary capacities for its implementation." 

GSPC 16 Targets

The GSPC is a document outlining 16 targets through which the ultimate aim of halting the current and continuing loss of plant diversity can be achieved.  

 The strategy’s mission is to ‘be a tool to enhance the ecosystem approach for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and focus on the vital role of plants in the structure and functioning of  ecological systems’ (GSPC 2002).  

GSPC Target 14

Public Awareness


Target 14 of the GSPC focuses educators on the inclusion of plants (their conservation, diversity and importance) in environmental education.

Creating active support for plant conservation by empowering the general public through increased knowledge, appreciation and understanding of plants is a vital aspect of the GSPC. 

The Target is: “The importance of plant diversity and the need for its conservation incorporated into communication, educational and  public-awareness programmes.” 

Educational resources


Plant Conservation for the Next Generation!

Communicating Plant Conservation


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Video by spoken word artist Prince Ea, National Geographic

Know that the fate of plant life is as important as all the endangered animals we hear about. Pearls of wisdom always stand the test of time. Thank you Prince Ea and National Georgaphic for reminding us of what can happen in 3 seconds!

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