OYA artists

Ognyana Serafimova

Ognyana is a Bulgarian artist educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. She is specialized in stage design and has a lot experience in illustrating books, handbooks and games for children.

Veronika Fojtova

Veronika is an artist and illustrator from Czech Republic inspired by her life in Canada and Australia. She specializes in the complexities of our natural world, with the majority of her work comprising both animal and botanic illustrations. She focuses on  working in digital form to experience the most creative freedom possible. Despite the digitalization, she still keeps her work hand drawn with the use of digital stylus to maintain the natural imperfection and fluidity of something created by hand. 

Cennet Kapkac

Cennet is a Turkey-based illustrator and character designer with over 7 years of professional experience in the Illustration field: children's book, 2D animation, character design, concept art, digital paintings, colouring books, comics, and covers. Cennet has worked in various TV commercials and cartoon episodes for children and is  currently working on her own children book projects in New York.

Oksana Katrych

Oksana is a Georgia-based illustrator, from the Ukraine, who completed her illustration course at the design school in Kyiv.  Visual arts is her passion! Oksana works with watercolor, oil paints, does collages, prints, patterns, and digital sketches. She has done  illustrations for various cafes and restaurants, and for children books.

Guilhermo Clerch

Guilhermo is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Brazil. Art is his passion, he loves to contemplate nature and how it can inspire on the process of image making. His work is versatile, he has experience in a wide range of creative endeavours such digital illustrations,  traditional painting, 3D and motion graphics. 

Evgenija Burchak

Evgenija is a Ukraine-based illustrator and animator. She specializes in  character design, children's book, 2D animation, digital watercolor. Passionate in her work and the over 7 years of experience make her works unique and recognizable.

Oya Artists

Marina Gonçalves

Marina is a freelance illustrator and drawing teacher from Brazil.  She graduated with a Visual Arts degree, and works with illustrations and concept art for games, books, and others creative works.

Wara Vargas

Wara is a Bolivian photographer and designer, lover of the old processes of photography, like Cyanotipa. Her  work is inspired by the work of Anna Atkins, the English botanist who  used the technique of cyanotype to record a variety of algae. 

Ken L.

  Ken is an architecture student from Indonesia. She loves lovely illustrations and specializes in watercolor paintings. She works mostly for children illustration books.  

Antoanela C.

Antoanela is a self taught artist that loves everything creative from drawing to  embroidery.  She draws inspiration from everything around her.